Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Love in the Time of Snowfall

So the question has been asked of me more than once... what is it about 7 Springs that I think is so great. And to be truly honest it's something I've milled over way too much today. I feel so abused and hung out to dry by my employment situation. I will not go into details, I've griped to the people who've cared to hear my gripe and the internet really isn't the place for it.

It's one minute into 2009. I've had an exhausting day of over thinking.

So the answer to the question I started with. When someone else asked it, I've always said that I felt like I belonged there. Which is true. But it's kind of a blank answer. I guess I always knew that at heart, but I really didn't know how to elaborate any better. But when it came to answering it for myself, I found myself able to dig deeper.

I do feel like I belong. But it goes further than that. The people I know on this particular mountain, they've known me for almost seven years now... They've watched me grow up. I mean sure, some have gone, and new ones have showed up in their place. I haven't known that many of them that long, but enough of them. They've seen every ridiculous stage and phase I've gone through. Most of them don't see me from mid-April until December. Every year I showed up as a significantly different person. And you know what? It never mattered. They've always just taken what stood in front of them. I never had to be fixed. I've always just been fine the way I am to them, regardless of what that was. Some of these folks are some of my closest friends, even though we really don't continuously speak after the snow melts.

It's incredibly freeing to just be however you are. To not have to make appearances, to not have to try and cloth myself in anyway except what I want. To just relax.

You know that whole dance like no one is watching speech? Well you have to be comfortable in your shoes for that philosophy to work. And i rarely feel that comfortable anymore. But I do with these guys. I breathe easy and I know that no one is going to make me feel awkward about doing something different for once.

It feels better than i can really define. And that is incredibly hard to give up, regardless of the downfalls.